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Fair Trade Products: How can I know for sure that the claims are true?

Though they’ve been around for more than sixty years, fair trade products have been gaining popularity in recent years. They seem to have made the jump from something only bought only by earth mothers to a common way for mainstream … Continue reading

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9 Ways to Maximize Time in College

One of the major costs of college is the amount of time you stay there. By being able to graduate in a shorter period of time, students can not only save on tuition, but also college related expenses such as … Continue reading

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The Cost of Tossing That Item

When people ask me about ways to save money, I give them the usual answers. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need, look for the best deal on what you do need, be conscious of your spending, etc. But I also … Continue reading

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Cut College Costs in Half through Community College

While one way to cut the cost of college is take AP classes, many cost saving college pundits suggest another is going to a less expensive community college rather than starting straight off at a more expensive 4-year university. I … Continue reading

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The High (Monetary) Cost of Untreated Depression

We all know that depression is a terrible disease that can have an enormous psychological cost, both for the sufferer and their family and friends. But there is also a monetary cost to depression that goes beyond the medical and … Continue reading

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I Want the Toys and I Want Them Now

“I want the toys and I want them now.” It sounds like something a toddler would say, doesn’t it? Yet this is what I hear nowadays from many people in their 20s and 30s indirectly through their spending habits. “I … Continue reading

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The Hidden Costs of Luxury Items

Most of us enjoy luxurious things. They look nice. They feel good. They confer status and elevate us above our peers. We’re conditioned from an early age to want the best clothes, beauty products, electronics, jewelry, cars, or furnishings. In … Continue reading

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How to Reduce College Credit Cost By 90%

Oh the AP tests. One 4-hour exam can determine the fate of a whole college course. The 1st two weeks each May, high schoolers across the US gather at testing sites to spill their brains onto their testing booklets in … Continue reading

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The Quality Trap – Items Where Quality Is Over-Rated

If I were to ask the average person what makes a Lexus better than a Kia, an outfit from Nordstrom better than one from WalMart or a Coach purse better than a Canyon River Blues one, the most common response … Continue reading

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How Do You Learn To Like Personal Finance? ($10 Question)

Probably the most difficult step in getting ones personal finances in order is the step to actually begin working on them. If you have a great adversion to looking at your personal finances, it makes it that much more difficult … Continue reading

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Rebates on Home Healthcare Products

Taking care of another person, even someone you love, can be stressful on your emotions, your body, and your (or the other person’s) pocketbook. Even if you have great insurance for medicine, the cost of incidentals – everything from blood … Continue reading

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Crafting is More than Saving Money

At craft shows, a maze of booths show off handcrafted original wares. Some things are common from show to show, like polymer clay jewelry, stained-glass window d├ęcor, and beaded designs, but it’s not the medium that matters, it’s the artist’s … Continue reading

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When Cookies Bite Back – Dynamic Pricing Can Increase Your Online Shopping Costs

I know most people are not techie geeks like me. They don’t want to get involved with the “guts” of their computers and the software that runs on them. However, if you do any shopping online, you need to know … Continue reading

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Twelve Ways Advertisers Insult Consumers

Advertising sells products. Yet, for all the time advertisers spend trying to make their products stand out, many ads don’t seem to be very well thought out. In fact, many of them have the opposite of the intended effect on … Continue reading

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Spaving – The Road to Ruin is “Spaved” With Good Intentions

Spave (SPAYV) v. Spending money in order to save money by purchasing items at less than their retail cost. Spaver n. Spaving means “spending to save.” In other words, you’re spending money now in order to save money in the … Continue reading

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What if Money Really Grew on Trees?

It’s an old saying: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” But what if it did? What would that look like? Would everybody be rich and well taken care of due to readily available money? Or would we still end up with … Continue reading

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Reverse Mortgages – Only Consider as a Last resort

By David John Marotta and Beth Anderson Nedelisky Before reverse mortgages, pensioners wishing to tap into home equity were presented with two options: either sell the house or get a home equity loan. But since their humble beginnings in the … Continue reading

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Why Combining Holidays Is Good For Your Wallet

By Wixx, special contributor Recently, as I am sure you have noticed, retailers have begun to move Christmas to an earlier timeslot. No longer is it the White Christmas in the middle of the winter. This year Christmas moved into … Continue reading

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What is the Difference between Frugal and Cheap? ($10 Question)

This is a question that often comes up — the difference between being frugal and being cheap. This reader asks for help in trying to remain frugal without becoming cheap: I have a huge problem with my husband’s family. They … Continue reading

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What Spaghetti Can Teach Us About the Housing Market and Economy

By David John Marotta For the past seven years US markets have experienced the ripple effects of the tech sector’s correction in 2000. The latest waves have been in the slow decline of the housing market and, now, in the … Continue reading

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