Money Lessons I’ve Learned on the Road (the hard way)

winding road

Somewhere along my most recent three-week vacation, I started to compare it to last year’s three-week road trip. I began to make a list of the little things that make a big difference when it comes to the price, cost, or value on vacation. Here are 20 lessons that I have learned.

1. If you don’t pack everything in your bathroom to take with you, you still won’t miss what you left behind.

2. Some luxuries are necessary. Long hot showers and a hot tub are worth every penny. So are large beds, two sinks, and windows that open.

3. Own a thermal coffee pot or thermos. Hotel coffee isn’t a coffee snob’s dream, and brewing your own means you can fill your pot and


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5 Responses to Money Lessons I’ve Learned on the Road (the hard way)

  1. Those are some very good tips. Thanks for sharing them!

    Best Wishes,

  2. baselle says:

    Somehow, I’ve found travelers checks to be a pain, rather than useful.

    #16 is great – I’ll remember to do that. You also want to photograph your suitcases too. Works very well at the airline lost luggage line or if you need to store luggage at the hotel.

  3. Amy F. says:

    You can get maps for free if you are a member of AAA.

  4. Drippy Chick says:

    Toilet paper, sunscreen and duck/duct tape are the first things into my knapsack when packing for a long trip. In some countries, if toilet paper is available, it is often coloured with harsh dyes in deep hues — it is very inconvenient to develop an allergic rash because of these dyes. The duct tape has many applications, from fixing tent rips, mending luggage, holding up hems to binding up car mufflers.

    Bath cubes are a welcome treat to soak feet that have hiked for too many miles in a day.

  5. sonavi says:

    Those are really helpful tips..thanks a lot for sharing with us..

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