When Junk Mail Pays

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Who doesn’t hate the clutter of junk mail that comes via snail mail? Someone’s always advertising something and it just seems to pile up in your garbage can. I’ve personally done virtually all I can to eliminate junk mail from my physical mailbox, but when it comes to my e-mail inbox, that’s a different story. I actually sign up for advertising mailing lists. Why would I do this? Because it actually pays. This kind of junk e-mail pays because it often results in discounts that I wouldn’t have received otherwise. I will go to the websites of stores and restaurants that I frequent often (or would like to frequent) and sign up for their e-mail list in hopes


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8 Responses to When Junk Mail Pays

  1. Christin says:

    I loved your email, another day I got a junk email from a Store called Finest Linens and Things and I found great deals for my son’s bedding.

    Very good advice, sometimes junkie email aren’t all the bad at all.

    Happy New Year,


  2. Raven says:

    I’ve learned to never throw junk mail away unopened. One day, I threw a fat envelope away, then something told me to fish it out of the recycling bin. Inside was a survey to complete… and a crisp new 5$ bill!

  3. Jim McMetz says:

    “we love Red Lobster but their prices are a little higher”. . .

    You people have NO TASTE OR CLASS at all, do you? Red Lobster is the McDonald’s of fish, that’s all. It isn’t a real restaurant.

    And Cold Stone?

    he rats are jumping from the ship as hundreds of Cold Stone locations are now collapsing around the US. Why? Because the “concept” of mixing stuff into ice cream has always been a fad, and the fad is now over. The product isn’t that good, is grossly overpriced, and consumers are flocking back to properly formulated ice cream from other chains like Baskin Robbins and Ben & Jerry’s.

    The Cold Stones have been largely sold to Yuppies with too much equity in their homes, who jumped into the stores to be “business owners”. But since the labor costs are double the competition, and stores are too big and too expensive to run, the number of unprofitable stores is skyrocketing with the results we have here.

  4. Skip says:

    Jim McMetz is smoking crack. First of all Red Lobster may not be a nice restuarant by any stretch but it’s definitely no “McDonald’s of fish”.

    “properly formulated ice cream…like Baskin and Robbins and Ben & Jerry’s”???!!


    You make dimwit seem like a good term. Cold Stone is good ice cream. Maybe they mix dog crap in for you when they see you coming or something, I don’t know. But it’s good where I live and if ice cream weren’t so unhealthy in general, I would go there quite often.

    “Ben & Jerry’s”….That’s so funny I about peed myself.

  5. Roy Shelingbarger says:

    Thought your article was very insightful. It was very interesting. Thank you for all of the helpful information.

  6. Jo says:

    Excellent advice. I love Junk mail!

  7. Andy Duncan says:

    This site is for people who need to get a life and a job instead of sucking down BonBons on the couch, mooching off their husbands hard earned cash. You people make me sick.

  8. OL' GIRL says:


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