Six Financial New Year’s Resolutions That You Might Actually Keep

It’s time to make your New Year’s resolutions. You know the ones: You swear to lose fifty pounds by swimsuit season, exercise more, stop smoking, get out of debt and, if you have the time, get a better job, volunteer more, and open your own business. If you’re like most people, you’ll be discouraged and off the wagon by February. It’s not that New Year’s resolutions are bad; it’s that most of them are too big, nebulous, and unrealistic to give you a chance of success.

I can’t help you stop smoking or lose weight, but I can help you with your financial resolutions. Rather than taking on big tasks, like completely eliminating all debt and cuttin


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3 Responses to Six Financial New Year’s Resolutions That You Might Actually Keep

  1. Amy F. says:

    This is really great, do-able advice. You’ve inspired me to make some small, manageable goals for myself. Thanks!

  2. mahanda says:

    i enjoyed reading these ideas and plan on putting at least three (maybe all six) of them into action starting right now.

  3. saman shahin says:

    Hi, I’m 22. but I enjoyed and thank you for these advices. remember that I need so enough money to invest in my future life or bizz life.


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