More Things About People and their Money that Make Me Angry

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While not everyone was happy with my list of things about people and their money that make me angry, I find that my list of these things continues to grow. This is a new list gathered from interviews and personal experiences of the not so intelligent, moral, or legal things people do with their money.

Work for hire. “Some believe that [since] they’ve paid you, they own you,” states contributor, Jewel. The suggestion that having been hired for gainful employment makes you someone’s minion is totally asinine and demeaning. Worse yet are those who remain in that position because they do get paid.

Complaining about toll booths. I am personally very happy to help pay


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11 Responses to More Things About People and their Money that Make Me Angry

  1. Joey says:

    Wow! The title sums it up. You are an angry, bitter person. I feel dirty having read your rant and worse that I’m responding.

  2. ben says:

    Anger seems like a pretty strong word here and it these really do get you to the boiling point, I think you need to relax. On the other hand, I can see how some of these might bother you.

  3. V says:

    It’s amazing how most of these things are “not your problem”. Some are legal issues…
    Of course I respect your right to complain, but you seem to have very little respect for people’s right to mess up their own lives. I’d give you a big fat MYOB…

    And as an atheist who gives year round, I don’t shop at bellringer stores during the holiday season if I can help it.
    I resent the implication that just because it’s a religious holiday, giving has become more important. And the recent history of discrimination against gays. Doing wrong things even if you do a lot of right things still makes you wrong.

  4. Mulyanto says:

    I agree with all your points, except for the last one. However, it might not be something you should get “angry” about. My point about the last one is that I don’t agree with the method of fund-raising that the salvation army does, and that is the main reason why I don’t donate to them. More-over I don’t agree with bell-ringing fund-raising period. I also believe that a donor should be well educated about what they donate too, don’t just give for the sake of giving, instead make a conscious, well thought out contribution to a worthwhile cause.

  5. Joan says:

    Since when is it illegal to put cash in the mail? I don’t think it is. Would you be angry if I sent you cash? Give me you address, I’ll send you some and we’ll see how angry you get. You can even notify the FBI if you like. 😉

    The value of many things I mail exceeds the $5 – $20 cash I might put in a birthday card and mail. In fact, I think tempting boxed items are just as likely to disappear from the mail as is cash. Probably more likely. It is never obvious that I’m mailing cash. But a box tends to say “merchandise.”

    I still think you are exaggerating for effect when you say that all these things make you angry.

  6. Grinch says:

    I always enjoyed your postings but now that you have confused investing with spending mixed with copied rants that makes you look like a sheep. I think you should take a day off and get creative again.

  7. Emily Booth says:

    I didn’t think you were that angry and I enjoyed reading your observations and opinions. They made me think. Saving and spending are practical decisions. They are also ethical decisions. Another reason for paying the meter is .25 is alot cheaper than a $50 ticket.

  8. Minimum Wage says:

    I sold my car when I moved and can no longer afford to drive, so it’s not a personal issue for me, but I don’t like the newfangled parking meters here which have eliminated the parking “float” drivers used to enjoy with coin-operated meters.

    Here, there is a meter box in the middle of the block. When you park, you feed the meter and it dispenses a printed ticket with a gummed tab. You then stick the ticket on the inside of your front passenger window (the tab is gummed on the proper side for this purpose) so that the meter enforcers can walk up or down the block and see whether or not your time is expired.

    Let’s say you park at 1:00 and pay for one hour of parking, Your ticket will display 2:00 as the time it expires. If you leave at 1:30, the next person to park no longer gets the (formerly) “free” remaining time until 2:00.

    Yes, you CAN stick your ticket on the meter box for someone else to use, but if the next person arrives at, say, 1:40 and wants to park until 2:40, that person has to pay for a full hour on a new ticket – there’s no way for them to just pay for 2:00 to 2:40 unless they return at 2:00 which is impractical.

  9. fractalbrothers says:

    Toll booths were never meant to exist – President Eisenhower created the gasoline tax in order to pay for road maintenance. However, since the roads were brand new and didn’t need repair, all the funds that were appropriated for it got earmarked for pet projects. When the roads finally needed repair, oops, all the money is gone – so typical government response is “lets raise taxes”! (either that, or sell the entire road to a foreign company like Cintra) Viola, problem solved. Gasoline tax actually COULD pay for road maintenance now, but the government would rather boondoggle extra revenues than eliminate the toll booths.

  10. Jeremy says:

    You know what makes me angry? When people use words without knowing what they mean.

    A “freeway” is not the opposite of a toll road. Most toll roads are, in fact, freeways.

  11. mike m says:

    I agree with most of you topics…

    1-toll booths… i full heartedly agree I enjoy very much driving on Denver roads due to the toll roads and other road taxes.

    2-bell ringers… i usually give they coin change i get after I’m done shopping does it really hurt to donate less than a doller and make one families winter a little warmer?

    3-Mail scams are running rampant and getting all over the tv now. if you want quick fast cash its usually not possible…sorry

    4-i think i dog living with a middle class family is far happier than a dog living like paris hilton’s poor dog:(

    5-smoking is a filthy habbit anyways.
    it will kill you and that is fact; it also harms those around you. Think of the children?

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