Using Points to Save Money at Christmas

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I have never been able to make money online. I’m terrible at it. I’ve done survey sites, sign-up for stuff sites, read these email sites and rate our product sites. I’m resigned to the fact that I’m just not creative or persevering enough to read 500 2-cent emails to make the 10 dollar minimum that will be deposited into my paypal account.

What I am really good at is getting points. I like points. What’s genius about points is they are kind of like money. So it doesn’t matter that I’m no good at making money from those other sites. Now that the Christmas season is upon us, I’m finding that hoarding up my points puts me in a great position to spend close to nothing on presents for my friends and family. Here are some methods I recommend for gathering points. It may be too late to begin racking up points for presents this year, but why not get an early start on next year?

Harris poll: I learned about Harris poll from one of my classmates who has been doing it since high school. Last year she splurged and bought her parents a digital picture frame with some of her points. This is a survey site that rewards participants strictly with HI-Points. The points can be traded in for magazine subscriptions, watches, DVD players, and even a surround sound system. My husband and I have noticed that when we both get sent the same survey invitation, whoever completes it soonest gets the most points. Also Harris Poll is pretty smart. They have some sort of system to track answers that don’t make sense in order to recognize people who are just randomly filling in answer choices. Don’t lie. They won’t send you more surveys if you do. Harris Poll is my favorite survey site not only because of the rewards, but the surveys are formatted nicely. I especially like the “progress” bar at the bottom which gives some idea of how close to the finish you are.

MyPoints: I originally signed up for MyPoints because my frequent flyer program said they would give me 5000 miles if I did. So I did. And I got my 5000 miles too. MyPoints is a program that gives you rewards for shopping online. MyPoints advertises various websites and if you buy something through that website, you will earn points according to the dollar amount spent. I know eBay was recently going for 2 points per dollar spent. It’s an easy way to rack up points if you are an eBay-er. You can also earn 5 points for each email by opening them everyday and clicking through to the advertisers. Occasionaly MyPoints sends out surveys which can earn 10-60 points. As rewards, MyPoints offers gift cards to various websites and restaurants. For presents I recommend buying a gift online with a MyPoints gift certificate.

Lightspeed panels: Behind Harris Polls, Lightspeed is a decent survey-for-points website. I don’t particularly like the format of their surveys. However, they do send survey invitations out more often than Harris Poll so it’s not hard to rack up points.

Credit cards: Honestly, my husband and I buy everything on our rewards VISA. We buy gas, food, tuition, etc, and then pay it all off each month. The result? Easy Christmas presents. The array of things to trade points in for is astounding. Our reward card was even nice enough to send us a Christmas catalogue with the cost of each item in points.

I love that it’s possible to earn cool presents from filling out surveys when I’m bored or from buying food and tuition on credit cards.

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  1. crazyliblady says:

    Hey, I just saw your post. This is a good advice and a good way to save money. Before I went on a trip to a major city for work in June, I cashed in my points at Harris Poll, E-Poll, Lightspeed, and several other places for either cash or gift cards. Both of them helped to seriously cut down what I was having to spend out of pocket for food and other stuff. If anyone would like to have referrals for survey places, just send me a message.

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