Tips for After-Christmas Shopping

Christmas eve

Bargain hunters looking for deeply discounted Christmas items and gift recipients eager to exchange their loot for something that better fits their bodies or personalities make the day after Christmas a busy one for retailers. With 364 shopping days until Christmas, those who work best under pressure might not have enough motivation to start shopping again on December 26, and those who overdid the holidays this year might not have enough energy, but many frugal shoppers will enjoy the after-Christmas savings if they are smart about how they shop. Next year, those smart shoppers will be able to relax and enjoy the season while others are scrambling to find the perfect gift at a much higher


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3 Responses to Tips for After-Christmas Shopping

  1. Although I shop and stash items as early as August, many times I hear the comment “It just doesn’t feel like Christmas yet” to shop.

    I do it anyway. How to get folks to get over that?

    Or maybe you can’t, part of their holiday experience is the shopping in the right mood/time of year.

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  3. crazysam says:

    i really really really really want christmas

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