Using the Yellow Pages to Shop and Save

Yellow Pages

I get a call, “I’ve just left the third shoe store and I still can’t find what I want!” the voice speaks to me. “Did they have anything close?” I asked. “Nothing!” “Didn’t you call them first?” “Well, no, it’s an obvious thing everybody should have, isn’t it?” Apparently not, but I didn’t say that out loud. She had called for sympathy, not for a lecture. But I was sure ready to give one: why don’t you ever start by using the yellow pages?

Most of us learned how to use the yellow pages when we were young and what they were when we were even younger. But I never remembered anyone teaching m


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2 Responses to Using the Yellow Pages to Shop and Save

  1. Hilary says:

    I feel like you can’t have an article like this without at least mentioning shopping online. It’s often very easy to comparison shop, and shipping costs can sometimes be reasonable.

    eBay of course is another option. I had a similar situation to the one you described above, where I wanted a certain type of pot for a potted plant. I tried some stores, and looked online. Finally I found the perfect one on eBay for a very reasonable price.

  2. SEPTom says:

    The point is that yes, online is still one part of the Marketing mix however, not surprisingly, so too are the Yellow Pages. In this example, they’re fast and efficient. Great post!

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