I Want the Toys and I Want Them Now

toy collection

“I want the toys and I want them now.” It sounds like something a toddler would say, doesn’t it? Yet this is what I hear nowadays from many people in their 20s and 30s indirectly through their spending habits. “I want toys and conveniences and I don’t want to have to wait for them.”

When I was in high school I used to think that once I got a full time job I would be able to buy whatever I wanted and play with all my stuff on the weekend. But then I got older and realized that my financial future was more important than toys. Unfortunately, not everyone has learned this. I’m amazed at how many people will whittle away their money on trivial thi


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3 Responses to I Want the Toys and I Want Them Now

  1. HD Nguyen says:

    I agree with this article 100%.No wonder our people live on the edge all the times. Two third of our population live paycheck-to paycheck.They mistaken their earn income with wealth. But it is not it. Wealth is financial means replacing people’s income when they need it. People need focusing on building their future wealth than material thing. They should think when earned income stop then what will replace that income. Then they take thing seriously.

  2. Minimum Wage says:

    I live in a 300 sq ft cottage.

    I do not have a car.

    I am rearing 3-for-$12 pants I bought at Walgreens. (Note:these are available only once a year, in the fall, usually sometime in Octorber. Get there promptly for best selection, they sell fast.

    I do not own any designer ANYTHING.

    My idea of eating out is two double cheeseburgers at McDonald’s when I have to work a double shift because my relief didn’t show up. Last time I did that was six months ago.

    I don’t think I have ever paid for a cup of coffee (or latte etc).

    I get $7.99 haircuts, about twice a year. )Note: because I let my hair get shaggy, I do tip $5. I always get a great haircut in about 10 minutes, tops.

    I have no boats, motorcycles, or other big toys. Just this slow used PC with a dialup connection.

  3. Minimum Wage says:


    I just noticed that my wallet says BILL BLASS.

    I have had it at least several years and do not remember buying it, and can’t imagine why I would buy anything other than a generic cheap wallet. I assume I received it as a gift.

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