Crafting is More than Saving Money

Craft Corner Deathmatch

At craft shows, a maze of booths show off handcrafted original wares. Some things are common from show to show, like polymer clay jewelry, stained-glass window d├ęcor, and beaded designs, but it’s not the medium that matters, it’s the artist’s individuality and handiwork. I go into stores and see things mass produced and refuse to buy them because I, or someone at one of these shows, or someone who does not go to these shows, could make them better. I support the handicraft business, though not all of us craft to sell.

I do not pass the things in the store because I could make it cheaper; many times that is not true. At superstores and drugstores, many of the mass produce


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6 Responses to Crafting is More than Saving Money

  1. baselle says:

    I love crafting because all of my favorite possessions have a story or a memory connected to it. If I buy from a crafter, I know I get a good story.

    For example, I bought a little ceramic sushi plate in Nashville TN. We chatted for an hour with the crafters, because there was a big thunderstorm that came up during the outdoor craft fair. Now whenever I use the plate I think of Nashville, the crafters, the park, and that thunderstorm.

  2. andrea says:

    I love to buy handmade items! It’s such a great feeling to connect with the artist and know where the items are coming from. And of course when you shop at a craft show you know you’ll find something much more unique than shopping at the big box retailers. Yay!!

  3. Tom says:

    My mom always used to take me to the craft shows as a kid. I always loved to walk around and get ideas from what other people made. There are a lot of creative people out there!

  4. Pattie says:

    A very impressive write up. You and I would get along wonderfully. The mass produced items may save a few dollars but the arts are being lost along the way. Handcrafting was once a way of life and every item was passed on for generations. Today our children are lazy and lack imaginations. They sit with their Ipods, computers, games, cell phones! Few of them ever learn even one craft which I find very sad. There is such a feeling of satisfaction in giving a gift from hands that created! Don’t get me going on recycling what you already have to stretch their longivity. Today these sorts of items sell for big bucks! Maybe someday the winds will change and our younger generations especially will go back to spending time with really worthwhile talents they all have within them.

  5. I love hand crafted products, they are all original no two are ever identical. A friend of mine started a hobby a few months ago making handmade cards and turned it into a business. Her biggest concern was that people may not like her cards. Well it was a big risk she took with her personal esteem but it has paid off and now her little business is doing extremely well. As well as earning an income she is making a great deal of people happy with her beautiful personalised products.

  6. Crafting Gal says:

    Crafting is art and is done all around the world. Thank you for the great report. The process of crafting itself should be just as gratifying as the end product.

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