Spaving – The Road to Ruin is “Spaved” With Good Intentions

paved in gold

Spave (SPAYV) v. Spending money in order to save money by purchasing items at less than their retail cost. Spaver n.

Spaving means “spending to save.” In other words, you’re spending money now in order to save money in the future. This may be by buying needed items on sale, using a coupon, or submitting a rebate. You may not need the item right this instant, buy you buy it because you can get it cheaper now than when you’ll need it.

Generally, I’m all for spaving. If I can save $2.00 on shampoo if I buy it today I’ll do it, even though I might not need it for a few more weeks. If I know my kid wants a certain toy for Christmas and I see a deal on it in


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3 Responses to Spaving – The Road to Ruin is “Spaved” With Good Intentions

  1. Tim says:

    This year I spaved several times. I purchased 2 Entertainment book originally for the 5% AA tickets deal, gift cards at 20% discount to locations I frequent weekly, and items on sale that I knew I would be replace in the near future (3 months).

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