What Spaghetti Can Teach Us About the Housing Market and Economy

SpaghettiBy David John Marotta

For the past seven years US markets have experienced the ripple effects of the tech sector’s correction in 2000. The latest waves have been in the slow decline of the housing market and, now, in the weakening of the commercial real estate market. While economists can’t always explain the timing of these ripple effects, the corrections in the market are much like the physics of spaghetti.

Hold a piece of dry spaghetti by the ends. Now, bend it slowly until it breaks. What you’ll notice is it almost never breaks neatly in half. Instead, it shatters into three or four fragments. Only recently have physicists studied why this occurs. When a bent strand of


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2 Responses to What Spaghetti Can Teach Us About the Housing Market and Economy

  1. Minimum Wage says:

    There’s nothing like an unearned windfall to boost wasteful spending.

  2. Ann says:

    Hmmm…I was expecting you to tell me that the volume of spagetti being sold is starting to rise…I have heard in the past that when things are going bad in the economy pasta, while cheap, starts to rise in sales…I think that says it so much easier…

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