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Why I Have Decided to Buy a Jukebox

I love music. My husband collects CDs like I collect books. We also have a large collection of LPs and of MP3s on our computer. I won’t even go into our magnetic tape collection. Literally, I won’t go into it. … Continue reading

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Five Profound Experiences (that Happen to be Free)

There’s a lot more to life than money. Even when you do concentrate on money issues, it should be with the thought of getting your finances in order so you can pursue the experiences in life that you want. Yet … Continue reading

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Visualize Credit Card Use: That $8.50 Lunch Costs You $850 at Age 63 and $8,500 by Age 85

By David John Marotta If your credit card minimum payment was $10 and you repaid it every month for 15 1/2 years with an accruing interest of 15.9%, a $1,000 purchase would end up costing $2,250. Every time you use … Continue reading

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Buy Big, Save Big: Ideas for Getting the Most Out of Your Big Purchase

I definitely wouldn’t consider myself an impulse spender. At least not on items of $50 or more. That seems to be my line of what I would consider a small purchase or a big purchase. Everyone has a different number … Continue reading

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Ten Great Reasons to Have Frugal Friends

Alcoholics Anonymous, Weight Watchers, local faith communities, service organizations, and even mommy groups all acknowledge the power of positive peer pressure. When you want to accomplish a goal or live your life a certain way, it is a bit easier … Continue reading

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Employee Retirement Options

By David John Marotta Putting all of your retirement eggs in one basket is easy to carry, but risky. Most workers are putting all their retirement assets in the basket of their employer’s retirement plan. They are depending on one … Continue reading

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How to Make Weddings More Affordable for Your Guests

Planning a wedding can get pretty expensive, especially when you have to pay for it yourselves, but no one ever talks about how expensive weddings can be for your guests. Unfortunately, you will get to the age where all of … Continue reading

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Teach Your Child to Be a Saver, Not a Spender

Is it predetermined that you will be a good saver or is this learned behavior? It dawned on me the other day that so many people have different ideas about how to spend and save money and I’m not really … Continue reading

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Un-Joneses of the World, Speak Up!

Not only do I not give a hoot about keeping up with the Joneses, I would like to start a movement of the Un-Joneses. I want to influence people to look at my life and decide that they want to … Continue reading

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When to Consider the Bankruptcy Option

By David John Marotta Most people want to honor their debt. But many families have allowed their debt to spiral out of control, and they feel helpless, ashamed, and at a loss to know what to do. While bankruptcy isn’t … Continue reading

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Financial Nostalgia: Do We Really Want to Return to the Days of Ten Cent Ice-Cream Cones?

My Dad loves to save money and to tell stories. One way he combines these loves is to reminisce about the low prices in “the good old days.” He is realistic, however. When he talks about buying ice cream cones … Continue reading

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Want To Be A Billionaire? Start Your Own Business

By David and George Marotta There are 946 billionaires in the world according to a recent survey. Half are in one country, the United States of America. The others are scattered throughout 53 other countries. Because of the surging world … Continue reading

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Finding Your Financial Goals

In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it. — Robert Heinlein Have you ever felt trapped or enslaved by your own financial situation and/or spending habits? Anyone … Continue reading

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The Timeless Wisdom of Dr. Seuss For Holiday Entertainment

If you knew that a friend busted their budget in order to invite you over for dinner, would you enjoy the dinner? Probably not. Keep this thought in mind when you entertain. When preparing for dinner guests, wondering, “What will … Continue reading

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Finances For Artists: Insurance and Legal Concerns

By David John Marotta For those working in the arts, financial planning is artistic freedom. You can be an artist and also eat well if you don’t avoid the subject of financial planning all together. After you have your cash … Continue reading

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If It’s Broke, Fix It

In James Grippando’s novel, Lying with Strangers, a nurse tells a doctor, “We are the last repairmen on earth.” He goes on to explain that people rarely take the time to fix things anymore; soon the only thing left that’s … Continue reading

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How Being in Debt Helped Us Save Money

Having debt and saving money don’t tend to go hand in hand. Some would say they are two opposites and others would say that opposites attract. Well, here’s my story about how being in debt led us to saving more … Continue reading

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Finances For Artists: Cash Flow and Career Planning

By David John Marotta The image of the starving artist has prevailed too long. At the July 24-29 San Diego Comic-Con there were tens of thousands of people working in the arts. Of the 650 hours of events and presentations, … Continue reading

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How To Save Money on a New Dog

My husband and I recently bought a new puppy. Before we even brought her home, I found out how expensive dogs can be (I did a lot of upfront research beforehand so I could budget most of the costs). But … Continue reading

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Money Lessons from a Child’s Bookshelf

When it comes to teaching your kids about money and finances, there is no need to go looking for specific books on these subjects. Your child’s bookself is probably already full of books that can bring financial lessons to life. … Continue reading

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