In Case of Emergency, Cut Here

cut here

We all know that we should plan for an emergency. From an early age, we’re taught to have an evacuation plan in case of fire and how to call 911 if we need help. If you live in hurricane, tornado, wildfire, or snowstorm country, you’re taught to keep a kit handy with the supplies you’ll need to survive until things return to normal. But how many of us give any advance thought to preparing for a financial emergency? What would happen if you lost your job tomorrow, or the main earner in your family suddenly died? Do you know what you would do to stay afloat until things returned to normal?

Many of us carry insurance to protect us from the big disasters in life such as a hous


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2 Responses to In Case of Emergency, Cut Here

  1. Mike D says:

    You are definately paranoid. ” or the main earner in your family suddenly died?” ummm Life insurance?

  2. A Marino says:

    I have several senarios of what I would do if I had different situations come up. I think that one always has to look long term. Depending upon your situation would determine what would be cut from your list.

    If you were out of work, you might have to increase your job hunting expenses which would include higher gas costs, possibly lunch, new clothes, toll or parking money.

    If one is out of work because of illness, it might not be a great idea to get rid of your cable. Often TV distracts the recovering person from his pain and other emotional problems.

    You might not want to cut out a child’s birthday even if it’s just a small gift or celebration.

    As you said, each person has to have their own plan of action and no planning is a plan to fail.

    Many women are devastated at the death of their spouse if they have had little to do with the finances.

    Thank you for your post. I have been thinking about writing something very close to what you wrote.

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