10 Alternatives to Exchanging Gifts at Work

gift exchange

It’s time for Secret Santas all across the country. You’ll draw someone’s name, get them exactly what they ask for, and that someone will get someone else exactly what they ask for and you will eventually get what you asked for. So goes the long-lived tradition. This year, instead of the same old boring ritual of, in a round-about way, buying yourself what you want, skip the Secret Santa drawing. Here are ten other ideas for spending your own and your co-workers’ cash this holiday season.

Everyone chip in to buy the workplace a coffee machine, microwave, water cooler or whatever the office needs. I’m sure you and your co-workers know what your break room need


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2 Responses to 10 Alternatives to Exchanging Gifts at Work

  1. Misty Jones says:

    A great gift idea for exchanging gifts is a gift card.

  2. Gersemi says:

    Not exactly my “deal”… but very good ways to lose those seasonal blues and bring back that holiday spirit! Thanks Mrs. H!

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