Ten DIY Money Savers – To Try or Not?

veggies for canning

The forums are buzzing with new money-saving tips and tricks. “We don’t purchase these anymore,” and “we’ve done this ourselves.” “I found a new way to do this,” and “I always wondered why people would pay for that?” For some of us, these ideas are intriguing, but seem a little out of our “do-it-ourselves” reach. I gathered ten of my favorite DIY discussions to read in on, and did some research on their viability for different kinds of people. I challenge the Consumer in each of us to consider leaving room for our inner Do-It-Yourself-er.

A Haircut. Browsing the forums, I’ve noticed there are two sides to this s


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3 Responses to Ten DIY Money Savers – To Try or Not?

  1. Traciatim says:

    I gave up on digital photo printing. I have yet to find an ink jet or laser that looks as good as even the cheapest places to order prints online. Many places you can send your photos in online and pick them up the next day. Plus it’s far cheaper to get them done on professional equipment than to buy a printer and do them yourself.

    Better quality and cheaper? You had me at hello.

  2. baselle says:

    Lately produce prices have been too high to justify canning, but I do enjoy putting a little something up for Christmas gifts or to teach.

    If I learned to really bake, since its just for the two of us eating the output, I would soon be about 500 lbs.

  3. Amy says:

    These are good ideas!!! Thanks! Can u make some for ways to MAKE money fast??? love Amy x

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