“Get Paid To” (GPT) Sites: Scam or Money Making Opportunity?


With the rising costs of fuel, food, and everything else, I am seeing more and more people turning to “Get Paid To” (GPT) sites in order to earn some extra spending money. But can you really make money, and what are the risks?

For those not familiar with the lingo, a GPT site is one that pays you for online shopping, completing surveys, reading paid emails, clicking on sponsored links, completing offers or participating in product trials. Some sites focus on just one of these, while others pay for
some or all of them. Some pay in the form of gift cards, while others pay cash via check or PayPal. Most insinuate that you can make “big bucks” just by clicking on a few l


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15 Responses to “Get Paid To” (GPT) Sites: Scam or Money Making Opportunity?

  1. I back this up 100%. I fell for GPT a few years ago. I was not happy. I work hard for money and now I look for and post the scammers and others updated on the bad sites. I am always looking to expose the bad ones.

  2. kupony says:

    So which ones are the good ones that do pay out?

  3. Lulu says:

    The first GPT I used was Cash Duck. She closed it down but then it came back up again.

    I have also used Deal Barbie. I made less money from that one than Cash Duck but they were both over $90.

    The third site I used was Treasure Trooper and I made $47 then quit because their offers were very complicated.

  4. I like PineCone Research. You can’t do unlimited surveys as they email them to you based on your profile. They pay $5 per survey and I usually get about 2-3 surveys a month. Not much money but it is a nice bonus for my freedom account.

  5. dan says:

    Let’s be perfectly honest here. The vast majority of these are scams and the ones that aren’t pay very little. You would be using your time much more wisely finding another way to create an income stream than wasting your time doing these.

  6. My family and I have experimented with a few of these. IpodSweepstakes.com was pretty easy and paid out very quickly. I’ve done mypoints.com for a while, and while it seems to take forever to earn rewards they are reliable to credit points and send rewards.

    However, beware of freenezy.com. This guy is a total scammer. I have posted several items on dealings with this guy on my blog at http://www.cheapencounters.com/index.php?s=freenezy.com&sbutt=Find

  7. Josh says:

    I personally have never used any of these paid earnings sites. I have read and read and read about different ways to create an income online. I have found through other people’s trial and errors, that the only true and scam-free way to create an income online is to do it on your own with out any ones programs or surveys. I have a site that records my research and the information is free to everyone.

  8. Tim says:

    I focus more on finding survey groups in your local area. Focus groups and surveys done in the flesh pay pretty good. I got $110 for a focus group in August concerning food. Earlier in the year, I got $70 for a focus group/survey on marketing materials for car dealerships. For online surveys, the only one I do is http://www.acop.com/.
    They do surveys and home product testing. The surveys usually pay out based on a drawing.

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  10. Mel says:

    I used Cash Duck and Deal Barbie before, they were ok. The one I use now is FroggyFunds – there are some really high paying offers on there – plus an offer rate match.

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  12. Jordan Arthur says:

    I really enjoyed your article; it contains some of the best advice and information for potential GPTers to protect themselves, their information, and to avoid scam sites. Fortunately, I’m happy to report that while there is still fraud in the GPT industry… there has been a real upswing in the last year.

    Several sites now offer instant payments to members and very low minimums required to cashout; some sites offer payout minimums as low as $0.50. The real key is to join the right sites…

    Best of Luck and Thank You for The Helpfull Recourse and GPT Review!

  13. Itoro Ukpong says:

    It is a good way to relax at home and make a little money for yourself, but from the understanding I have gotten from the information about the “Get paid to”(GPT) the money gained is not worth the amount of time spent on the business.

  14. Steve says:

    I started 20 days ago, and im upto 23$ a day US into my paypal investing nothing at start.

  15. kyleskorner says:

    Dealbarbiepays and Paidthefastest are now requiring all of your personal information before cashout. I can understand fraud, but they have fake phone verification systems in place. Unless they get your ID you are not paid. You are unable to cross out any personal info especially SSN to get paid. They have been reported.

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