Breaking a Bad Spending Habit

street shopping

For me, running errands or shopping for groceries is like an adventure. Every time I enter a store there’s always a new item on sale, which of course I never need, but yet I always end up buying. Why is it that I always fall into this trap of coming home with more items and less money? Stores can be alluring, even if you’re simply running a quick errand, but there a few steps you can take that will help you avoid overspending.

Make a List: Yes, this sounds simple, yet a lot of people don’t take this initial step when shopping. You may think to yourself, why would I need to make a list if I’m only going to pick up dryer sheets? Well, frankly, stores can be dist


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2 Responses to Breaking a Bad Spending Habit

  1. SNAFU says:

    to avoid impulse buying we instituted a ‘new in – old out policy. Trying to figure out what to discarded in order to buy a replacement is an effective barrier. Rather than shopping, go for a walk, it’s godd for both health and bank a/c.

  2. Priority Money Management says:

    Overspending is often a bi-product of a non existent or poor spending and financial plan. Creating strict spending limits and tracking your spending everyday, helps form a habit of conscious spending that includes the desire to make wiser purchasing decisions. Know exactly how your spending impacts your financial goals. Knowing the long term effects your spending has on your financial well being is sure to help you separate your needs from your wants and creates a feeling of being in control, no matter the shopping atmosphere.

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