5 Reasons to Ditch the Car in College and 5 Ways to Do It

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Last year I went without a car in my first year of graduate school. The result? I saved myself $2000 in student loans, just in parking, gas, and insurance. With education costs rising, cutting out car expenses can really be a smart move to consider for any student. Here are a few ways that doing so will save some money:

Insurance: Especially for undergraduate students, insurance isn’t cheap. Insurance companies operate with an age penalty that rears its ugly head in insurance premiums until age 25. Why not smile and say no thanks to this extra charge from insurance companies?

Parking: These costs can be outrageous especially if you go to school in a city. During a graduate scho


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3 Responses to 5 Reasons to Ditch the Car in College and 5 Ways to Do It

  1. 3bean says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Car-less is the way to go at College! My husband and I are 29 and 32, respectively and choose to have one car. It totally simplifies our lives in so many aspects. Niether of us had a car in college. Even with the car we bike, walk, and bus as much as possible.

  2. Diana L says:

    Great advice! I did the same except I went a step further and saved monthly what I estimated having a car cost me (monthly payment, gas, insurance, up-keep etc.). This was a great incentive watching the account grow (with interest)especially when I was riding my bike in the rain but I knew I was going to someday buy my car with CASH and had NO monthly payments! I started saving this way at 17 years ol and then bought my first car (paid in full) when I was only 20. Not bad! Hope this input helps someone!

  3. Sean says:

    Yeah, I’m going to get up and walk 4 miles to my college the day I have a test or a busy day ahead of me knowing that at the end of it all I’m going to spend another 45 minutes walking back home. Oh and I’m also going to walk 2 miles to the supermarket to go grocery shopping then have fun carrying 15 bags home. Its also sooooo nice to have to rely on others to take you to and from places that aren’t within walking distance. Its not humiliating at all when your friends say, “Hey would you like to meet here for coffee or a movie?”. And you have to say, “Sure if someone can pick me up. I don’t have my own car.”. This article is a joke. You can’t seriously think that any of this “information/advice” is relevant in the real world and of most people’s lives do you?

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