Frugal Decorating with Wire Art

wire art

Dear Mom, I’ve been at school for three weeks now, and I still hate the pale green of my dorm room walls. What do they think we are? Prisoners? Classes are going great…

As I previously mentioned, many people love art, and as the popularity of shows like Design on a Dime shows, people like to make their own. Though a degree in art design or a background in craft construction can go a long way, I believe anyone can construct some beautiful, if abstract, decor for the home.

Wire: Why Not? Today, let’s approach wire sculpture. Don’t balk yet, a little can go a long way in the world of wire. I suggest some nice leather gardening or work gloves, a sharp pair of scissors


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3 Responses to Frugal Decorating with Wire Art

  1. Pattie says:

    Would be nice to see photo’s of finished wire art projects.

  2. janice says:

    I am looking for a wire/art project for my grandson to do. He is 13 yrs old. Perhaps a sports figure. My son had a golfer when he was this age. Any help would be appreciatrd. It is a great project and the finished work can be enjoyed for a long time.

    Thanks you

  3. jim says:

    Looking for wire art project that requires a board nails black vevelt cover and wire. Any help

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