How to Buy a Car without Breaking the Bank

carsBy David John Marotta and Justin Harris

Purchasing a car is the second biggest spending decision we face as consumers next to buying a home. Unlike real estate or an investment portfolio which appreciates, cars are rapidly depreciating assets. In addition to the car’s sticker price, operating expenses can drive the unsuspecting consumer into the poorhouse. And, if you choose to finance your car purchase, your losses will be compounded.

For most, owning a car is a necessity. And, aside from riding a bike, there are few ways to steer clear of the ongoing operating costs. But, you can strive to minimize them by applying a few common sense rules of thumb and by planning ahead for the nex


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One Response to How to Buy a Car without Breaking the Bank

  1. Gary Hardin says:

    Thanks for encouraging readers to pay cash for their cars. My wife and I drive a paid-for car, and currently put back money each month for a future car purchase. The commitment to pay cash means you likely will not be driving a super snazzy, high-priced automobile (unless you can save up that kind of cash). I view a car simply as transportation, not as a lifestyle, nor as a status symbol. All I need is an affordable, reliable vehicle with a good track record of performance.

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