The Final Leg of the Journey

treasure boxes

Yesterday, as I washed two coffee mugs that my aunt gave me, I said unexpectedly to myself, “These will be among my final things.” An image flashed before me. I saw myself, old and shrunken, seated at a little table surrounded by the few belongings worth keeping through the years; a lifetime of journals, my favorite books, a handful of photos, a watch my husband gave me and these two mugs, one for him, and one for me.

You see, these mugs have been with me since I was 10 years old, given to me because they have horses running around them on a ribbon of ivory backdrop with brown scribbles of grass beneath their delicately painted hooves. They maintain hot chocolate at the perfect


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2 Responses to The Final Leg of the Journey

  1. james says:

    I like what you wrote about “protect your family from themselves by writing a will”. Many families disintegrate because of fighting over the assets. Not only they go after valuable properties, some families fight over small items that’s not worth much

  2. Judy says:

    You gave very good advice. I don’t find it hard to part with some of the things I have accumulated, but very hard to part with items that were my mother or grandmothers.My children do not have the same memories that I have about the items so I will have to take your advice and sit down with them and tell them about these things that mean so much to me.

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