The Timeless Wisdom of Dr. Seuss For Holiday Entertainment

holiday table setting

If you knew that a friend busted their budget in order to invite you over for dinner, would you enjoy the dinner? Probably not. Keep this thought in mind when you entertain.

When preparing for dinner guests, wondering, “What will they think about the water stains on the ceilings?” is normal. Hoping the lasagna is tasty is okay. But overspending on the dinner – hoping it will assuage your anxiety of what they think of you – will only leave you feeling worse in the end. Just smile and remind yourself that the human connection with your guests is paramount to appearances. Because, as Dr. Seuss said, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind d


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2 Responses to The Timeless Wisdom of Dr. Seuss For Holiday Entertainment

  1. Laurel Suggs says:

    Great advice at holiday time…we all tend to go overboard and then wonder why we’re stressed!! I can’t remember the food I ate at the last party I attended but I do remember the folks I had fun with.

  2. princessperky says:

    I long ago gave up on pop buying except for VERY special occasions…we don’t drink it, it ain’t here..real friends still show up (and bring their own pop)

    But I still find an excuse to buy good food is just an guests get stuff I would love to have, but don’t always…with limits to keep it under budget of course.

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