If It’s Broke, Fix It

broken appliances

In James Grippando’s novel, Lying with Strangers, a nurse tells a doctor, “We are the last repairmen on earth.” He goes on to explain that people rarely take the time to fix things anymore; soon the only thing left that’s worth fixing will be the human body.

Though I had trouble suspending disbelief for much of Lying with Strangers (not one of Grippando’s best books), that comment seemed true to life. We rarely do fix things anymore. I sometimes wonder whether we would be able to survive a Depression, when new things become unaffordable. The frugal skills that got my grandmother and her family through the 1930s – darning, canning, cooking from scratc


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3 Responses to If It’s Broke, Fix It

  1. Dawn says:

    Hubby and I are so old school … we always try to repair or fix things ourselves. Our grandparents, parents, and siblings all abide by this tradition. If we can’t do it ourselves, we have developed relationships with an awesome auto mechanic and computer guy we trust. I’m hoping our sons adopt this philosophy, because it really does help financially :)

  2. mary beth says:

    I am also a great believer in trying to fix things first, especially yourself (within limits of course). I fixed our stove last winter, it needed an new part that I had seen a repairman replace on a previous oven. At the time it took him about 15 minutes and cost me at least $75 for the labor alone. I fixed it myself for less than $50 for the part. I also have a wonderful neighbor whose hobby is fiddling with computers. He has fixed ours on several occasions, all for the price of a batch of cookies each time.

  3. Karsten says:

    And if you choose what you buy with a good, hard look at how it could be fixed when it breaks you really begin saving money. There is little left to buy that you do not already have. But that is a good thing. The stuff that you don’t really need is very difficult to fix. It is meant to break so you go out and by another one.

    So, buy what you really need, buy what can be fixed, fix it when needed, save money, use less energy, pollute less.


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