How To Save Money on a New Dog


My husband and I recently bought a new puppy. Before we even brought her home, I found out how expensive dogs can be (I did a lot of upfront research beforehand so I could budget most of the costs). But alas, whenever I find out how expensive something is, I can usually find a way to save money on whatever it is. Here are some of the ways I’ve discovered I can save on my little ball of fur. This was a lifesaver when we had to buy all our puppy supplies before she came home. This was our first dog so we had to buy things like a crate, a leash, food/water bowls, dog food, and the list goes on and on. So I went to and made a “wish list.” I picke


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  1. Barbara Walter says:

    Congratulations on your planning & smart buying. I would suggest one more thing – a group training class from a local nonprofit dog obedience group. In our neighborhood for about $75 you & your pup can attend an 8-week class, 1 hr, 1 nite a week, and learn basic pet manners in a safe secure environment. Watch a class before you sign up to make sure the group/instructor uses positive reinforcement (lure/reward) methods, not coercion, to get your pup off on the right paw :-)

  2. Tiya Jones says:

    This was really good article.It really told me how to save a lot of money on a puppy.And it told my mom how you can save money on a dog and not be worried.

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