Frugal Paper Wall Art


Studio apartment: unfurnished. Top floor, lots of windows, tall ceilings. New paint. Close to college. Available now.

The keys land in your hand. The threshold of your new home is now guarded by your few boxes of stuff. Not long after, you’re unpacked. You look around, and your walls are still bare. Art, you decide, is the best option, but really, what do you know about art? You can’t afford to buy anything but posters, and you quit art class because of paint inhalation. Now what?

Welcome to Art for The Rest of Us, a brief foray into the world of creating art, where you can decorate your world without the messy involvement of green dough or paint.

The Rustling Joys of Pape


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2 Responses to Frugal Paper Wall Art

  1. deana says:

    I’m afraid if I tried something like this I would end up with a house that looked like children lived there. I think you’d need some artistic talent to even consider this.

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