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Things About People and their Money that Make Me Angry

We all have those little pet peeves about people and money. These are some of the things that put the flame to the fire when I see them happen: Left receipts at the grocery store. This is a blatant indication … Continue reading

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Ten Inexpensive Alternatives to Sending Flowers to a Funeral

Romantics will tell you that fresh flowers are perfect objects of condolence because they symbolize the beauty and brevity of life; allergics will tell you that they would prefer their sniffles and tears at a funeral to be from grief. … Continue reading

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What Not to Scrimp On

I’m cheap and proud of it, even when my friends tease me about it. Though, there are some things that even I have learned are not worth scrimping on. Here are four of them: Therapy: I have several friends who … Continue reading

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How to Handle Social Obligation Expenses

“You’re causing me social stress!” was a common complaint of my college roommate, who liked solitude. I, on the other hand, loved the social life of the dorms and the wide activities college offered. I knew what she meant by … Continue reading

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Straight Talk From a (Former) Insurance Salesperson

As a former insurance salesperson, I have attended countless classes on the subject of how to motivate clients to buy life and disability insurance. However, I remain sympathetic to the fact that many of you refuse to buy this coverage … Continue reading

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Women, Your Finances Are Your Responsibility

The burning question I have is why do so many women neglect their financial lives? Is it fear? Is it lack of interest? Do you assume that someone else will handle this? If so, why do you believe that your … Continue reading

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Fifty Things To Do with Junk Mail

One definition of frugality is making the best use of the resources available. I have an abundance of junk mail, so I thought, How can I make junk mail useful? Here are some ideas from my brainstorming session: 1. Sign … Continue reading

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The Making of a Cheapskate

What makes some people spendthrifts and others tightwads? My undergraduate biology degree requires that I frame the question in terms of “Nature or Nurture?” I wonder about my grandmother who lived through the depression? Did a frugal nature simply allow … Continue reading

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Career Considerations

We all want a job we enjoy and not dread going to each day. Are you just starting out and are not sure what you want to do? Or do you currently have a job, but long to be doing … Continue reading

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Fraud by the Quarter: The Perfect Crime?

I may have discovered the perfect crime. I can’t tell you who exactly is committing it, how exactly he’s doing, or who exactly it hurts, but I know someone, somewhere could be getting rich from it. Last month, a charge … Continue reading

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Treasure Hunting Empty Houses

Do you ever wander by an empty house for sale or rent and wonder what kinds of treasures it may hold? You might be surprised. Once, I had my secrets about houses, but now that I’m a homeowner and won’t … Continue reading

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Financial Fears

What scares you? What is holding you back and affecting your financial well-being? If you were not afraid, how different would your life be? I think fear is a major problem when it comes to finances. Do you have any … Continue reading

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Banks – Money Confession

I have been collecting the money confessions of people who give them to me anonymously over the past few months. I share some of the more interesting ones here. This is confession number 69 in the series: “I keep most … Continue reading

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How My Big Mouth Saves Me Money

Instead of mumbling, “What a rip off” to yourself as you walk out of a place of business, tell the business owner or manager what has you steamed. Companies who deserve your business will listen. Here are three positive experiences, … Continue reading

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Crap – Money Confession

For the last few months I have been collecting the money confessions of people that attend the talks I give. I share some of them here as part of an ongoing series. This is confession number 68 in the series: … Continue reading

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