Ten Free Things to Do at the Mall

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My family is unusual. We love to go to the mall, but we rarely buy anything. While I don’t recommend this form of recreation for a compulsive spender, those who have strong self-control (or who simply don’t want many of the things for sale) will find quite a few free ways to pass the time at the mall.

First, there is mall walking. When my husband worked retail, he enjoyed walking through the mall when the stores were just starting to open, and he observed many mall walkers – mostly senior citizens – both exercising and socializing. (Our local mall even has a formal mall walkers’ association that sponsors day trips to local cities and similar events.) He deci


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7 Responses to Ten Free Things to Do at the Mall

  1. My little girly daughter rekindled the child in me over the past couple years by trying out perfumes in the fancy mall department stores.

    Never bought any, but have come close. One purchase every few years is pretty cost effective for all the fun, eh?

  2. David Wilson says:

    Great points. Sometimes we think of malls just as places to spend money, while to kids they are a great big playground to be explored.

  3. vren says:

    I agree on most of these things when the weather is bad, but I think it’s ridiculous when the weather is nice out. I can’t understand why people want to be in the mall on a beautiful day. It seems like such a waste to me.

  4. ben says:

    Our local mall had a Halloween walk. All the kids could go from store to store and get treats from each one in the mall. I thought that was an excellent free service.

  5. goodwin says:

    I hate malls. They are overcrowded and it’s just too tempting to spend money there.

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  7. tricia says:

    I dunno about others, but halloween at lakeside mall takes place every year for 2 hours, and all stores have to hand out something, part of their rental agreement, and nothings better then organized trick or treats indoors. lakeside mall is in sterling heights michigan. if your mall dont do it, you could call lakeside and get all the infor to pass on to the management of your malls as well and ask for them to concider and pass on the infor to friends who will too. save clean and dry environment for that usually nasty weather day.

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