You Can’t Afford It

I saw “DWI — You can’t Afford It” written on road signs along Interstate 40 as we passed through Texas on our recent vacation. What an interesting angle, I thought. I guess that since the fact that the risk of killing innocent people, as well as themselves, isn’t enough of a deterrent for drunk drivers, the state of Texas decided to make a financial case against driving while intoxicated. I was intrigued. What other ill-advised human behaviors could also be discouraged this way?


Someone once said that the best financial decision anyone can make is to stay married. Adultery is not only emotionally devastating, it is also the quickest way to cut your ne


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8 Responses to You Can’t Afford It

  1. devilray says:

    Credit Card Debt – You Can’t Afford It

  2. ilovegreen says:

    How about Divorce: You Can’t Afford It. If you want a good way to throw piles of money out the window, go for it.

  3. JMBIndy says:

    OUCH. DWI, you really can’t afford it. Follow the link to an individual’s blog. It has the information on fines and it’s not pretty.

  4. vmlinux says:

    Love is grand, divorce is 100 grand.

  5. Banker says:

    Whatevewr it takes to keep people from drinking and driving is a good thing

  6. Amy F. says:

    Fast Food You Can’t Afford It.

    This is fun.

  7. FinWhiz says:

    House payments for more than 15 years or over 15% of your total income-you can’t afford it!

  8. Philip Parsons says:

    I see what you mean with women shaving off their eyebrows and using what can only be called a crayola to paste a new one

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