Financial (And Other) Lessons I Learned on the Road

monument valley

My husband and I just returned from a 17 day, 5,500-mile road trip westward from our home in South Carolina. Even though 4.5 million visit the Grand Canyon every year, we still felt like bold adventurers because it was all new to us.

And, I have learned that as a white person, apparently I can show up at any place in the world and declare as of that moment, that I own it and any quaint previous human existence that has transpired there before my grand arrival is irrelevant and meaningless. Now, that was just one thing I learned on my travels, here are a several more.

1. Refill Water Bottles: We kept supply of six 20 oz. water bottles filled and chilled in our handy cooler. At each campgro


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7 Responses to Financial (And Other) Lessons I Learned on the Road

  1. librarylady says:

    I’m so glad you had a good time on your trip. It sounds like something my husband and I would definitely enjoy too!

  2. T Mac says:

    Congrats on your trip and good post.

  3. dan says:

    I love road trips. I need to go on another one soon. It’s amazing how different the entire country is when you leave your little part of it.

  4. ben says:

    Always get out at anyplace that appears interesting. A roadtrip is not a roadtrip if you don’t discover something completely unexpected along the way.

  5. devilray says:

    I love camping. I don’t know why more people don’t do it. It’s cheap and if you bring the right stuff, comfortable.

  6. Alley Kaye says:

    Excellent tips – and glad you enjoyed our corner of the world! I too have enjoyed the “egg crate mattress” method of camping on many a memorable road trip to such places as Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. Hope you can come back again to our neck of the woods.

  7. $ says:

    How much did the trip cost? Break it down please if possible into gas/food/restaurants and bars/admission fees/etc.

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