Women, Your Finances Are Your Responsibility

women and finances

The burning question I have is why do so many women neglect their financial lives? Is it fear? Is it lack of interest? Do you assume that someone else will handle this? If so, why do you believe that your financial life is someone else’s responsibility?

I believe that one of the reasons more of you don’t take control is that there is very little peer pressure to do so. So here it is: I, your concerned sister, hereby strongly encourage you to be financially educated and independent!

I hear you say enlightened things like, “No man can tell me what to do!” Well, if a man buys you new boobs or pays your rent, he may have good reason to think he has some input into the decisions you make. I don’t know why you don’t see that if you treat a man like your human wallet, then you can bet he will feel as though he has purchased your freedom. Wouldn’t it be easier to focus your energy on your career instead of manipulating money out of men?

I know there was a time when you couldn’t even own property and there were severe restrictions on your ability to earn a decent living. Sisters, that time has passed. Yes, there are still ways in which the deck is stacked in favor of men, but to sit out of the game because the other team has a few more years experience than you do is to forfeit your future. And you can’t blame men for that.

I have conducted anecdotal research on the question of women and financial responsibility among my two grandmothers and a step grandmother. Two thirds of them did ZERO financial planning on their own. Ironically, those were the two that lived the longest and would’ve been destitute without the help of family. They were taught to marry, have children and leave the rest up to their husbands. Not surprisingly, all three of them outlived multiple husbands!

Okay, you say, that was a long time ago. What about nowadays? Instead of supporting frugality and personal financial education, it appears to be more common for you to commiserate and laugh about not being able to afford something as you gas up your SUV and go to the mall to find the latest “must have” item that you have no room for in your overstuffed homes. Now, this part really gets me; then you hide the item from our spouse in the back of the closet. This is the same as eating something that nobody saw you eat and telling yourself that the calories don’t count.

Pssst. Here’s a secret. You’re not getting away with anything. You are adding a layer of stress to your marriage that such deception brings. And the money you spend secretly is still no longer in your marital pot of money. So, you are not only deceiving him, you are deceiving yourself, as well as stealing from your future.

And who do you blame when there’s not enough money to pay the bills or to go to the beach with girl friends? Whose fault do you say it is? Your husband! This is the same brilliant thinking that causes you to fake orgasms. To me, that’s like going to a restaurant and just because your order is taking a little longer than expected, you just pretend you ate, pay the bill and leave hungry! That’ll show him!

You must take responsibility for your financial life, and your orgasms for that matter. You cannot expect to have the freedom to do whatever the hell you want but expect someone else to pick up the tab. Otherwise, you are merely replacing one form of tyranny for another and putting yourself in a prison of financial ignorance and dependence.

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15 Responses to Women, Your Finances Are Your Responsibility

  1. Scott says:

    This article was amazing.I believe that her message will actually get through to some women, especially because it is written by one!

  2. Joe Shmoe says:

    Great advice, unfortunately it won’t get through to women who actually need to hear this. You won’t hear this advice on Oprah or daytime talk TV.

    Goodluck with life people, try not to suck at it.

  3. lm says:

    Finally someone has the guts to say it!

  4. JC Carvill says:

    this article is related with financial freedom of women.this is true when almost country got freedom and all citizen are free then they must have financial freedom.Financial freedom decrease the ego problems.

  5. surfergurl says:

    well, actually, no…

    if she marries him, THEN he is entitled to input into the decisions she makes. until then, he’s just a fool easily parted from his money.

  6. bunnicula says:

    Because men never, ever spend stupidly. But hey, if you can just bash other women categorically enough, the boys might think you’re sooo much cooler than them. Brilliant!

  7. T.S. Johnson says:

    The post was mean and sexist. Women need to take control of their financial lives but there was a much better way to get that message across

  8. Ashley says:

    I don’t doubt that a certain amount of women out there need to hear this message.

    However, it is common knowledge that the savings and investment rates for most Americans (male and female) are dismal. So it seems a little silly to focus all the blame on some outdated housewife stereotype. It certainly would be simple if all our country’s financial woes could be solved by reigning in the soccer moms, but I think the reality might be a tad more complex.

  9. Fred333 says:

    Your personal finical life is all up to you. I think if parents spent more time developing that sense of money with kids a lot of personal debt issues will be solved.

  10. John O'connor says:

    I think women are entitle to have their own financial independence- they aren’t just the housewives , taking care of children and supported by their husbands, as they were considered to be in the past.
    I always tell my wife that she needs to have her own money because she will feel much better and secure this way.
    What if something bad would happen to me one day? The responsibility to take care of our family would be up to her..
    But I think she’s doing a great job until now!

  11. after I clean the floor, wash the dishes, make the beds, change the cat litter, help with homework, walk the dog, pick up the milk, volunteer in the classroom, plan the girl scout meeting and write a thank you note, I’ll get over to the home office and learn about our life insurance, health coverage, monthly bills, online banking, mortgage, income tax, and budget.

    *just kidding* and yes, my family pitches in with these chores especially when I have the TV remote under lock and key!

  12. Cindy M says:

    Go, Meredith, good article. I’m 52, female, and have been financially responsible since my teenage years and have absolutely no regrets about it yet admit I’m anything but a genius in regard to my money. However, I do have the common sense enough to know you gotta save your bucks. I feel very sorry for a guy of any age who’s stuck with a dippy childish woman who wants a daddy to take care of her all her life. And if a guy is dumb enough to get involved with a woman like this, God help him. I blame our weird sorry popular culture/media for promoting foolishness in our women from childhood. And studies show that the major problem is and has always been young women getting knocked up without the benefit of marriage; even liberal politicians can agree with that assessment. It has torn societies to pieces. Both sexes ought to learn to be self-suffient from early on. I have no sympathy for the stay-at-home whiners on the talk shows who cry because “daddy” won’t help them in their fabulous homes with the housework and the kiddies, boo-hoo. Shame on these women and shame on their parents who brought them up this way.

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  14. velvet jones says:

    this article was cheap, lazy, divisive, and beyond stereotypical.

  15. lolo-cat says:

    Great advice, I would all women read it & learn how to be financial free.

    this article one of the best I ever read

    Thank you & wish you the best,


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