Fifty Things To Do with Junk Mail

junk mail

One definition of frugality is making the best use of the resources available. I have an abundance of junk mail, so I thought, How can I make junk mail useful? Here are some ideas from my brainstorming session:

1. Sign up for opt-out lists. (warning: if you do this, then you can’t do any of these other things)
2. Shred it to use as mulch.
3. Shred it to use as packaging material.
4. Tear it into strips and make paper mâché
5. Recycle it.
6. Clip out words and letters to use in a ransom note (or anonymous love note).
7. Harvest freebies. (My kids love the Disney stickers, I rarely buy address labels, and the best spatula I own came from a direct mail advertising package.)
8. Look ...

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5 Responses to Fifty Things To Do with Junk Mail

  1. Fred333 says:

    Very nice list. I think I have done #38, but only because I was low on envelopes.

  2. Brad says:

    I am a modified #49, i burn it in my wood fired hot tub boiler.

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  4. We actually shred our junk mail and use at as Kitty litter. Lay down a piece of newspaper on the bottom of the pan and add the shredded junk mail on top.

  5. Gail says:

    When I clipped coupons (back in the day when they were worth something) I used #39. Lots of nice suggestions for moms with kids for learning activities-FREE ones. We just burn it all now.

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