Banks – Money Confession

I have been collecting the money confessions of people who give them to me anonymously over the past few months. I share some of the more interesting ones here. This is confession number 69 in the series:

keeping money at home
“I keep most of my money at home. I don’t trust banks.”

Other confession already listed:

This confession image courtesy of dbz885

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3 Responses to Banks – Money Confession

  1. greg says:

    I just hope that you have a good, safe place at home to keep it.

  2. firedl says:

    I know the country in the photo. Yes.. don’t trust the bank at there. Actually in that country, banks are for money transfer and borrowing (and maybe a few money in account to be alive).

  3. John Crenshaw says:

    These are incredibly interesting. I found some of these a while back but forgot where it was that I saw them…so glad I stumbled across them again! Thanks!

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