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Money Makes No Promises

I find myself daydreaming about money quite a bit. It’s not so much about the money I have, but it’s about the money I don’t have…yet. Of course, if you add in my work bonuses and my lottery winnings I’m … Continue reading

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Ten Free Things to Do at the Mall

My family is unusual. We love to go to the mall, but we rarely buy anything. While I don’t recommend this form of recreation for a compulsive spender, those who have strong self-control (or who simply don’t want many of … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Multiple Banking Accounts

I have always spread my money around in multiple accounts. I use multiple checking, savings, and investment accounts, all marked for different purposes. Some are at the same institution, but I also use several different banks, depending on my needs. … Continue reading

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Deals I Found on eBay

I made my first eBay purchase a few years ago, but I didn’t get serious until recently. I can honestly say I’m almost on my way to becoming an eBay addict. The things you can get there – and the … Continue reading

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25 Ways to Avoid Turning on Your Heat This Winter

With heating costs on the rise, it’s tempting to avoid turning your heat on all together in order to save money on heating bills, but who wants to be a human Popsicle in their own house? Here are some creative … Continue reading

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Live Auctions: A Beginner’s Guide

EBay and its competitors have renewed the popularity of auction-style sales, but many online auction devotees have been too busy or too intimidated to try the real thing – a live auction. They are the equivalent of football fans who … Continue reading

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Why I Won’t Trade in My Gas Guzzler for a Gas Miser Car

By Wixx, special contributing writer I have a gas guzzler (a Chrysler Pacifica) and so most people would recommend that I trade it in for a car that gets better gas mileage to help save money. Since this is the … Continue reading

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Alternatives to Investing in Socially Responsible Funds

In Investing in Socially Responsible Mutual Funds, I explained that most socially responsible funds provide subpar returns compared to traditional funds. I also talked about how you may not agree with many of these funds’ definition of socially responsible. If … Continue reading

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Do You Hunger for Money?

Spend less than you earn. Pay yourself first. Save 10 percent of all of your earnings. These are some of the most basic principles of personal finance, yet millions fail to do this. There are hundreds of personal finance books … Continue reading

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How to Get out of Paying Your Bills – Forever

I never pay any of our bills. Neither does my husband. But they get paid. Every month and on time. Now I’m not advocating ignoring your bills and racking up a ton of debt. That would be stupid and begging … Continue reading

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You Can’t Afford It

I saw “DWI — You can’t Afford It” written on road signs along Interstate 40 as we passed through Texas on our recent vacation. What an interesting angle, I thought. I guess that since the fact that the risk of … Continue reading

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How to Save Money at Conferences

Working in the web development industry, I get a chance to go to at least one conference, seminar, or training class every year. This way I can keep up with the latest technologies and our company benefits from my acquired … Continue reading

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Will You Need A License To Sell On eBay?

Last week, eBay sent me a message urging me to contact my state representatives in support of a bill that would exempt eBay sellers in Pennsylvania from having to get auctioneer licenses. “You may have heard the Pennsylvania State Board … Continue reading

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Financial (And Other) Lessons I Learned on the Road

My husband and I just returned from a 17 day, 5,500-mile road trip westward from our home in South Carolina. Even though 4.5 million visit the Grand Canyon every year, we still felt like bold adventurers because it was all … Continue reading

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Weekend Reading – Radiohead, Living Within Your Means, Lucky vs Unlucky

I didn’t pay anything for Radiohead’s download: “I didn’t pay anything to download Radiohead’s In Rainbows last Wednesday. When the checkout page on the band’s Web site allowed me to type in whatever price I wanted, I put 0.00, the … Continue reading

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Investing in Socially Responsible Mutual Funds

You may not be able to sleep at night knowing that you own a tiny piece of Halliburton, nor will you be able to sleep at night in 25 years if you can’t afford to send your kids to college. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Ways to Waste Your Money on e-Bay This Week

While I can’t guarantee that these are the absolute top 10 ways you can waste money on e-Bay this week, they certainly deserve some attention and possibly some laughs… 10. A rubber band: No joke. You can get a regular … Continue reading

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Another Chain Letter: Why This One Won’t Work, Either

“You must follow the simple instructions exactly, and in less than three months, you will receive $800,000. GUARANTEED,” promise the two identical, unsigned letters I received in the past month. That statement alone should make anyone skeptical – not only … Continue reading

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How Living A Cluttered Life Can Cost You

At some point, we’ve all done it: during the middle of a move or the week of finals. Somehow, everything gets shuffled. Some of us make it a way of life. But something not very many people consider is how … Continue reading

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Financial Jargon From A to Z

What is jargon? It is a social term technically defined as the lexicon (set of words) used in an esoteric (specialized) field. It is what we’re talking about when we say “I don’t get all that medical mumbo-jumbo” or “The … Continue reading

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