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Necessities You Can Live Without

One simple way to save money is to keep your fixed costs low. In order to do this, you must first asses each of your regular expenses and see what subjective value it has for you. There are many items … Continue reading

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Real Estate Cars

My husband sighs, “I’m still bummed about the Cayenne.” We’re at a stoplight and out the driver’s side window is a beautiful, sparkling, silver Porsche Cayenne. About a year ago we were hot in the market for a new car. … Continue reading

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Box Tops for Education – The Costs and Benefits

A few years ago, my parents’ church was collecting Campbell’s Soup labels for a school that was saving them up to get a van. I hate to throw away anything that somebody can use, so I started saving my family’s … Continue reading

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Money Confession – D.I.Y.

This is part of an ongoing series of money confessions that I have been collecting. I have asked participants in the talks I have been giving to anonymously write down a money confession. The confessions that I find interesting I … Continue reading

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How Nudism Can Save You Money

By Nathan Powers Nudists (or “naturists” as some prefer to be referred to), have been the brunt of many a joke for many years. However, the truth of the matter is that living a nudist lifestyle may actually be far … Continue reading

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Mall Kiosks: Some Shopping Observations

So kiosks can’t think, but there is a lot of thought behind them, as well as a surprising lack of thought. Kiosks hold a pretty unique spot in the sales realm, and since most frugal shoppers like to know the … Continue reading

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Money Confession – Wedding

Almost everyone keeps a secret or two. After the presentations I give, I ask the people attending to anonymously write down a money confession. I share some of the more interesting ones here with you. This is confession number 51 … Continue reading

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Financial (and Life) Lessons I Learned as a Kid

How much does it cost to raise happy children who go on to be productive citizens? My husband and I decided not to be parents since our few surviving houseplants have to spell out H2O — like the Village People … Continue reading

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Photo Essay – 25 More Money Confessions

A few months ago I began to collect money confessions from the audience members that attended the talks that I have been giving. At the end of the presentation, I would ask people to take a few minutes and anonymously … Continue reading

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How to Use the Better Business Bureau

In today’s climate of big business and automated customer service, nearly everyone has at least one story to tell about getting nowhere when complaining to a company about its products, services, or practices. Just like person-to-person relationships, person-to-company relationships have … Continue reading

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Five Favorite Plants That Are Frugal

Here’s my top five favorite plant list, at least for today. This is the season for garden tours in my area so I’m liable to come up with some brand new favorites each time I get to wander through someone … Continue reading

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Money Confession – Raise

Most people have a secret or two that they keep to themselves. I have been asking people to anonymously share their money confessions after the talks I give. This is confession number 50 in the series: “I slept with my … Continue reading

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Want To Spend Less? Talk More, Listen More and Love Better

How much do you spend on gifts in a year? Add it up. I think your knees will buckle. There was a time when a store bought gift was the exception and a homemade gift – a handmade quilt or … Continue reading

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Money Confession – College Homework

This is part of a series of money confessions that I have been putting together over the last few months. I ask people after some of the talks that I have given to anonymously write down their money secrets. This … Continue reading

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Dress For Success

Starting this year, Illinois State University initiated a classroom dress code for students in marketing classes. Students taking marketing classes will no longer be able to roll out of bed, throw on whatever they feel like, and head off to … Continue reading

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