Save Money by Doing Your (Financial) Chores

financial chores

It’s easy to get so caught up in looking for new ways to make or save money that we neglect our regular financial chores. But taking care of the money you already have can prevent some losses and can help you form good habits so that it’s not so hard to reduce spending when necessary. Here are just a few financial chores that you should not overlook:

Cash your checks. I was shocked when I heard a human resource director say that one of her organization’s employees had not been cashing paychecks on time. Most checks are good only for a certain period of time (usually 90 days), and not only does failing to cash your checks cost you money but it also creates accounting pr


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7 Responses to Save Money by Doing Your (Financial) Chores

  1. Ann says:

    I’m glad you called them chores, Ugh! If only the basics weren’t so tedious! Thanks for the reminders. A good list to print and check yourself against periodically.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I don’t usually clip coupons, but I do sometimes get nice $10 off coupons from the Gap. I enter the due dates of the coupons into my google calendar, and have it email me a week before they expire. It’s a good reminder that if I was planning on buying something within the next few weeks, I should probably do it this week!

  3. Shadox says:

    Not only do companies count on people not claiming some rebates, they try to make claiming those rebates difficult on purpose.

    They make you send receipts, “proof of purchase”, and hit certain submission dates. If you don’t fill out the rebates immediately and follow the exact instruction, forget about seeing your cash.

    Generally speaking, I hate mail-in rebates and try to avoid buying products that offer them.

  4. Jsahko says:

    My wife and I use expired coupons all the time. The clerks scan them and sometimes notice that they’re out of date and just manually override it. I don’t think anyone’s ever challenged us or even cared. We have some that are really old. If my wife thinks they’re too old she rips off the expired date section (like it was cut out poorly) and they still always take them. This doesn’t seem to work with store-specific coupons though.

    Cheap? Yes. But it saves us loads of money.

    Still, the best time to use coupons is when they first come out. Frequently the companies will also have the item on sale in the store at the same time and you’ll get double savings.

  5. Yap Wai Mei says:

    Apart on saving money on handling financial chores, managing our financial are also crucial…

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  7. Fred333 says:

    I think the chores are a definite way to get ahead in the finical game. Just like anything in the finical world, discipline is the key to success.

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