Money Confession – Taxes & Pennies

As part of an ongoing project, I have been collecting people’s money confessions. Some of the more interesting ones I share here. This is confession number 64 in the series:

“I wish I had the guts to pay my taxes in pennies.”

Other confession already listed:

This confession image courtesy of freg

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One Response to Money Confession – Taxes & Pennies

  1. If you pay your taxes in pennies, be sure to collect the benefits in pennies. Make sure the firefighters count their pennies before coming to save your house. Do not check out more than one penny’s worth of books at a time from the library, and count the pennies needed to pave the roads and maintain the bridges on your way to work. Make sure the national guard members are busy counting their pay in pennies, rather than stacking sandbags on a levy.

    Taxes are the price we pay for civilization. They are not used any more or less efficiently than are private-sector pennies. The waste is just more public.

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