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One of the few shows I make sure I watch is Survivorman. For those who are unfamiliar with this show, it is about a man who strands himself in different locales all around the world with just his camera equipment and a few random items for seven days. He then documents his survival, educating the viewers on what to do, and what not to do, in a survival situation.

He sometimes goes for days without food or water, often hardly finding anything at all to eat or drink.

While stranding oneself guarantees motivation to survive, I am still in awe of his willpower.

This got me thinking about willpower and how it is a major component in getting your spending habits under control. Then I thought,


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3 Responses to Financial Survival – Survivorman

  1. Aaron Stroud says:

    Interesting idea, inspired by a very interesting show…

    Perhaps a full month of just financially surviving might be a little overboard, for the simple reason that fewer people would tough it out for a full month.

    I think succeeding, reaching the goal…is far more useful than simply surviving for a longer period. I suspect if Les Stroud had to survive for 1-2 months in each location, he’d be more likely to return home thinking ‘I’ll never do that again,’ which might happen at the end of a month-long financial fast as well!

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  3. Ann says:

    “I think succeeding, reaching the goal…is far more useful than simply surviving for a longer period.”

    Ah, but it’s not “survival” if you already know you can make it and how. It’s when you put yourself what you think might be a danger zone that you realize your true potential. I know we’re not talking malnurishment here, but instead, the edge of what is necessary and what truly is frivolous.

    What if we’ve been denying ourselves a dream because we can’t afford it? Then we find out that true life changes can make it happen?

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