How to Curb Over-Generated Art Without Curbing the Imagination


Babies draw. Toddlers draw. Kids draw. They color from the first time they get a crayon in their hand to the time they learn to write, as sketches and drawings are their best way of written communication and expression. As parents, we become extraordinarily fond of the smacked-on dots and lines when babies learn to put crayon to paper, or the endless circle-shapes as our little ones learn to enclose space. Then, as they grow, there are the countless sketches of the same form: a flower, bug, person, house, car…whatever today’s obsession is, it repeats page after page. This development is essential for children’s learning, but there is an unfortunate the side effect: a growi


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2 Responses to How to Curb Over-Generated Art Without Curbing the Imagination

  1. princessperky says:

    we send em to work with my husband, he has a rotating display..and the rest is recycled….Though we also use what we can for cards, gift wrapping, and the like. (I made ‘paper clay once out of old school sheets..the pencil and print didn’t seem to effect the clay at all..bit gray I guess)

  2. Shannon says:

    I enclose ours in letters to far-off relatives.

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