Money Confession – Baby Clothes

As part of an ongoing project, I ask members of the talks I give to anonymously write down a money confession at the end. I share some of them here. This is confession number 56 in the series:

designer baby clothes
“I spent over $10,000 on baby clothes to impress my friends.”

Other confession already listed:

This confession image courtesy of kremisimo

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5 Responses to Money Confession – Baby Clothes

  1. dan says:

    That is the tell-tale sign that someone is the Joneses. If their baby has brand name clothing, you know they are trying to make an impression because lord knows the baby could care less.

  2. josie-lee cook says:

    that is really astonnoshing!!!

    how can somebody spend over $10,000 on baby clothes just to impress their friends!!!


    that is juast crazy



  3. chantal says:

    after you spend 10,000 what are you gonna eat IDIOT.BE SMART.

  4. tori says:

    if some one wants to spend 10,000 on there baby let them — it isnt you

  5. cintalia says:

    umm… id do tha same for my baby… but not only to impress my friends


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