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Porsche Cayenne

My husband sighs, “I’m still bummed about the Cayenne.” We’re at a stoplight and out the driver’s side window is a beautiful, sparkling, silver Porsche Cayenne. About a year ago we were hot in the market for a new car. We had studied the Audi brand, the Chrysler 300 and the Dodge Magnum, and this model neighboring us, the Cayenne. We had been looking for the best combination of function for our family, and power for on and off road — the kind of off road where we could be able to take that enticing road-not-taken.

It turns out the Porsche Cayenne is the same platform as the Volkswagen Tourag and the Audi Q8. The Porsche name and all the horsepower in the


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  1. Tim Klimaszewski says:

    You’re right. You can no longer buy a Jaguar like you once could. And that s a good thing! Until Ford bought the brand, it had been a typical piece of British junk for over 20 years. They littered American highways because of undependable mechanical and electrical systems. All sexy with no sex. Much like the old Harley-Davidson badge: you needed two, one to ride and one for parts. It is a far superior automobile today.

    I recommend anyone thinking of a BMW R series look into it carefully. A friend has one and two windows fell into their wells without provocation. And the whole front CV drive assembly is simply crap.

    I’m no tree hugger, but what does anyone on the street need with 500 plus Horsepower except as a wee-wee extender?

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