Photo Essay – 25 More Money Confessions

A few months ago I began to collect money confessions from the audience members that attended the talks that I have been giving. At the end of the presentation, I would ask people to take a few minutes and anonymously write down on a piece of paper a money secret that they kept, but which they had not told anyone about. These were then folded and placed in a box. Although many of the confessions placed in the box have been rather typical, there are a few that stand out among them. These are some of those money confessions that I felt were worth sharing. The following money confessions are numbers 26 – 50 (These are the first 25 confessions for those interested):

“I shop to relieve my depression.”

Haven't paid taxes
“I haven’t paid taxes in 15 years.”

“I spent $80,000 on a college degree I will never use.”

“I eat at restaurants that I can’t afford so as not to lose face with my friends.”

street art mural
“I gave up my dream of being an artist and instead went for the money.”

environmental destruction
“My company is willing to destroy the environement to save a few bucks. I keep silent because I don’t want to lose my paycheck.”

“I spend over $200 a month on ATM withdrawals.”

“I gambled my retirement away.”

“I can’t stand people who complain about money when they have never known true poverty.”

“I bought a $75,000 boat that I have only used 3 times in 5 years.”

pay for sex
“I pay for sex because it is cheaper than a girlfriend.”

foreign money
“I spend too much when I travel. Foreign money doesn’t seem real.”

father and son
“I’ve become the cheap bastard that I always depised about my father.”

“When I found out he was cheating, spent all the money in his bank accounts before telling him I wanted a divorce.”

living at home
“I’m 28 and I live at home with my parents so I don’t have to get a job.”

“I deserve more than I have.”

world travel
“I still can’t forgive my parents for spending my inheritance to travel the world.”

“I always give what I have to those begging on the streets because I know that could have very easily have been me.”

diamond ring
“The $3000 diamond ring I bought her is fake.”

“I judge people by their career and the amount of money they make.”

today & tomorrow
“I spend all my money today because there might not be a tomorrow.”

rich & poor
“I believe if you’re poor, it’s because God wants you to be poor and if you’re rich, God wants you to be rich.”

cry without tears
“Debt has taught me how to cry without tears. It is the saddest place to be in life.”

graduation diplomas
“I paid someone to do all my homework through college so that I could play. I graduated with honors.”

hotel do not disturb sign
“I slept with my boss to get my last raise.”

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13 Responses to Photo Essay – 25 More Money Confessions

  1. fern says:

    I really disliked that one that said “I still resent my parents for spending my inheritance to travel round the world.”

    Who says your parents are obligated to leave you all their assets when they die??

  2. Traciatim says:

    Fern, it’s really how you read it. What if it was held in trust and was from a great grandparent. It’s not specific enough to judge.

    If it was someone just waiting for their parents to die and instead their parents traveled the world and they resent it, that’s down right disgusting.

  3. Grace Leigh says:

    Wow-thanks for sharing! My inital thought was the same as Fern’s on the inheritance one.

    I was really saddened by the one that thought God hand selected the poor from the rich.

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  7. ispf says:

    I love photo essays and have to say this one is *very* well done. I love the way you have chosen the photographs and captioned them! Must have taken a lot of time…. really worth the effort though!

  8. The “debt” comment is very touching and real. We have had medical bills almost kill us emotionally and financially. It drives you to depression every day.

  9. marie says:

    i absolutely understand the anger over the lost inheritance. your parents are planning to give you an expensive gift, which shows their love, and then they throw that away. its like telling someone they can expect a christmas gift and then your present is not there when the day comes.

    i think fern’s comment is terrible. who is she to judge what makes a person angry? there are so many judgemental people in this world.

    most comments that i read on websites are never removed or edited, no matter how rude, obscene, or derogatory they are. im going to stop reading comments, i think.

  10. Susy says:

    I hope my parents travel the world and don’t leave me a cent! I want them to enjoy what they’ve worked so hard for. They taught me proper money management so I don’t need their money!

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  12. Lazza says:

    This is a great photo essay.
    I was shocked by the one that said he spent his money paying for sex instead of a girlfriend because its cheaper. Ew.

  13. killerhmslf says:

    my mom started workin whn she was 19 yrs. she raised 3 children and all of us 3 didnt live upto her what she expctd. she had sacrificed a lot to bring us up, while she cudda usd tt mony for her own pleasure. idk wht the parents or the prsn pssd off at not inheretin but …. again idk — everyoje has their true story, who am i we to jdge

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