Want To Spend Less? Talk More, Listen More and Love Better

How much do you spend on gifts in a year? Add it up. I think your knees will buckle. There was a time when a store bought gift was the exception and a homemade gift – a handmade quilt or some of Pappy’s corn likker – was the norm. These days, we run to the mall and, unfortunately, many gifts end up in the recipient’s next garage sale because, frankly, they’re hideous. I don’t think we do this because we love each other less than people did in the old days. I just think that we have bought into the idea that a new and expensive item is somehow a more loving gift.

This reminds me of a friend’s story about helping her father-in-law make funeral arrange


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6 Responses to Want To Spend Less? Talk More, Listen More and Love Better

  1. contrary1 says:

    Love all your ideas! We’ve had entire holidays of enforced Make Your Own gifts that worked well. Much scurrying around during the year to get gifts made in time. Lots of secrets & gifts to keep under wraps. Way more fun than shopping!

    Since our family has shrunk lately, and most of us now have a more relaxed schedule, we’re taking turns purchasing tickets to an event all of us want to attend for whatever occasion it is. We’ve enjoyed this method of gift giving now for a couple years. Does cost actual money, but there is no shopping, and no one has something to put away afterwards!

  2. scfr says:

    Nice article. I’ll confess I only spend $200-300 per year on gifts, and most of that goes to my nieces’ and nephews’ college funds. I too love giving something I have that I know will give someone else pleasure. When my little niece recently went through the bride/princess/fairy obsession staget that all little girls seem to go through, I sent her my wedding dress & veil to use for dress-up. I know the idea that I gave away my wedding dress will shock some, but I had moved it 5 times without ever even looking at it, and honey, I ain’t ever gonna be that size again!
    The joy I got from hearing how deliriously happy my niece was to get it and how she was the envy of all of her little girlfriends was a huge gift to me. I now have adorable photos of my darling niece in my wedding dress holding a fairy princess wand … priceless!

  3. dan says:

    A lot of problems would be solved if people listened better to one another.

  4. Craig says:

    Amen! I began asking friends and family to either not give me gifts or make a charitable donation if they felt the need to spend.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Couldn’t agree more. In our culture we place the value of a gift in terms of $ It should be in terms of the thought put into it!

  6. Jeff says:

    I was trying to access your RSS feed and it is broken. Can you please fix ASAP? Thanks

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