Sunday Reading – Money Articles Worth A Look

Financial wake-up call College Credit That Fails Students: “Big lenders, such as Sallie Mae, even persuaded Congress to remove bankruptcy protections for private loans in 2005 — these are the nongovernmental loans we’ve been hearing about lately, whose interest rates can exceed 18%. Credit card companies and payday lenders could only dream of this kind of congressional giveaway.”

Does America Need A Recession?: “But should a central bank always try to avoid recessions? Some economists argue that this could create a much wider form of moral hazard. If long periods of uninterrupted expansions lead people to believe that the Fed can prevent any future recession, consumers, firms, invest


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3 Responses to Sunday Reading – Money Articles Worth A Look

  1. Teri says:

    I liked the housing bubble article. So true.

  2. FIRE Finance says:

    Thanks for the mention and the link to the Carnival of Money Stories.
    FIRE Finance

  3. KRG says:

    Thank you for linking to the festival of frugality

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