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Money Confession – Rich & Poor

I have been collecting people’s money confessions at the end of my talks. I ask the people to write down a money confession and anonymously place it in a box that gets passed around. Through this I have found that people have a large number of different money secrets and view money in very different ways and I share some of those I have received here. This is confession number 47 in the series:

rich & poor
“I believe if you’re poor, it’s because God wants you to be poor and if you’re rich, God wants you to be rich.”

Other confession already listed:

This confession photo courtesy of Amodiovalerio Verde

5 thoughts on “Money Confession – Rich & Poor

  1. I don’t comment often on blogs, but this shows the absolute worst of religion. Give up all accountability and put it into a non existent God.

    And if you do believe in God, isn’t your responsibility to help the poor and not just say that is the way it is?

  2. I crack up ANYTIME some mindless twit evokes “god” when explaining good or bad things in their life. Wake up people! Good things happen because YOU make them happen. Bad things happen because YOU make them happen. Blaming a “god” is EXACTLY the same as blaming the Incredible Hulk for your misery or gain.

  3. It suprises me that the person who has this belief put this in a money confession box. This means this person has some sort of guilt for “feeling” this way, and knows somewhere it is wrong. It is if they know anyone can trace in the bible that the rich people are not necessarily God’s people, even if you do not believe in a Christian, Jewish, or Muslim God.

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