When Calling Customer Service Pays

good customer service

I recently purchased a game that I wanted to check out. My intention was to sell off some of the pieces and end up with a limited number — like nine or ten out of fifty — to use to check out the game. I recently have had success selling all but the most valuable pieces from a similar game set. I actually made a small profit plus I was able to add a few of the pieces that would cost about $20 each in a hobby shop if purchased separately.

When I received the set, I noticed that it had a minor flaw. I decided to contact the manufacturer to inquire if all of the pieces that I received were correct because it appeared that I had been given slightly different pieces than the one


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  1. Ann says:

    The full replacement bonus is a supurb tip. I do appreciate, for once, a perspective that consumers are not a bunch of sheep that “get what they pay for” but that producers are at the command of the market.


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