Kindergarten, Money and Positive Incentives


For the first day of kindergarten, I walked in to my daughter’s classroom and at each child’s place at the table lay 3 pennies. These were fake pennies, but as our kindergarten information packet stated, they were worth something.

Every day, the children get three pennies, which they put in designated containers. Every four or five weeks the children use these pennies to buy certain things like lunch with the teacher, first at a center, etc. However, pennies can be lost for getting in trouble, so there is incentive to be good. The orientation packet described this as using positive incentives. It seems simple, but they are also learning a valuable lesson that if ingrained i


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2 Responses to Kindergarten, Money and Positive Incentives

  1. While the children continue to get 3 pennies each day, the cost of things such as lunch with the teacher should gradually go up during the school year – a poignant lesson in the dangers of inflation! :)

    Just kidding..wouldn’t want to make the kiddies sad

    -Raymond (MONEY BLUE BOOK)

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