Tips for Taking an Impromptu Vacation

mpromptu vacation

Not everyone can afford the impromptu vacation, and we couldn’t have done it without having done some basic preparations. Here’s what we did, and what we spent, that made our two days refreshing and allowed us to arrive home relaxed.

What an Impromptu Vacation is: The past weekend surprised us with a vacation hidden around the corner. An hour before we left on a road trip, we decide to stay out overnight and come home late the next day.

Where we went: A touristy town in the mountains, Steamboat Springs, is a place we have always wanted to visit. It was only 40 miles from a previously planned day trip destination, a town called Craig, but 190 from home.

Why we went: An opportun


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One Response to Tips for Taking an Impromptu Vacation

  1. Chrystal says:

    My hubby and I love impromptu vacations, but I’m also a bit retentive. For me impromptu for out of state means 2 weeks notice, but we love to go camping and dancing at a local city (an overnight trip) at the drop of a hat! I tend to go online and book a hotel before we leave and I can usually get a great deal, unfortunately I also have a knack for picking hotels in scarey neighborhoods.

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