Money Confession – Ring

I have collected anonymous confessions for the past few months from audience members after the talks I give. I decided to share some of the more interesting confessions as part of a daily photo confession series. This is confession number 44 in the series:

diamond ring
“The $3000 diamond ring I bought her is fake.”

Other confession already listed:

This confession photo courtesy of lemonjenny


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4 Responses to Money Confession – Ring

  1. dan says:

    You have only once choice if you don’t want this to blow up in your face – get an exact copy, but a real ring. She is going to find out at some point and when she does, it isn’t going to be pretty.

  2. Joey says:

    ….or you can educate her on how utterly worthless diamonds really are. Diamonds are only good for…well…cutting glass. Do a little research on DeBeers and diamonds. Its pathetic to me how some women wear their diamond ring like a badge of honor.

  3. Ann says:

    “Its pathetic to me how some women wear their diamond ring like a badge of honor.”

    a diamond ring is the Ultimate Symbol of One who is Willing to Waste Wealth. Yet somehow, having hundreds of diamonds is a symbol of investment. Hm…

  4. ~Dawn says:

    A 3k FAKE ring!!

    Good gawd, man!

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