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Sunday Reading – Money Articles Worth A Look

Financial wake-up call After the Pain of Foreclosure, a Big Tax Bill: “For those who struggle to pay their bills, who watch their housing payments rise out of reach with their adjustable-rate mortgages, who lose a job or who fall victim to illness, losing one’s home can feel like hitting bottom. But one more financial indignity may await as the fallout from the great housing boom ripples across the United States…

Notices of unpaid taxes, unanticipated and little understood, will probably multiply as more people fall behind on their mortgages, said Ellen Harnick, senior policy counsel at the Center for Responsible Lending, a nonpartisan research and policy center in Durham, N.C.”

How to Buy a Cheap Airline Ticket in First Class: “These discount first class tickets are the airline industry’s best-kept secret. Called Y-Ups, they price like a coach ticket, they look like a coach ticket, but when you sit down, you are one seat behind the pilot — and they serve warm cookies.”

Bad Parents: “We give our kids everything and ask for nothing in return. Is it a shock that they’re clueless and entitled? How a generation of well-intentioned Philadelphians has screwed up its children.”

And for those that need some more reading, some of the carnivals from the past week:

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